Attraction / Self-portrait 30

While seated the viewer can watch this video installation, which shows a reversed process of creation. In the video, silver-grey balloons with cast parts of Berger’s skeleton attached descend from a cloudy sky. Then the sun emerges, encouraging viewers to question if Man’s ‘place’ is actually between heaven and Earth. 2014screen, 27 minutes production: Annick … Read More

Ego Vivo / Self-portrait 25

2013 material: bronze, concrete 
dimensions: 820 x 180 x 180cm Holding one’s own bones in his hands was one thing, building a monument to celebrate one’s life another. First erected in 2013 at Blickachsen 9, Frankfurt this monument was presented as part of the Skeleton project. At present (temporary) on view in the gardens of … Read More

Skeleton / Self-portrait 20

2012 materials: gold 18 carats, ebony, glass dimensions: 50 x 30 x 20cm Photographs on location: Museum Vrolik, Amsterdam The skeleton as relic The veneration of relics has a rich history; in art we see examples of it throughout the ages. In this project I will explore the different manifestations and in particular the phenomenon … Read More

Skeleton / Self-portrait 22

2013 material: silver 935 dimensions: 15 x 22 x 17 cm I, Caspar Berger of Amsterdam, copied my skull thus in immortal silver at the age of forty-seven years. While it is generally a mirror that provides the reflection for a self-portrait, in the project Skeleton it is the likeness produced by a CT scanner … Read More

Declaration of Sanctity / Self-portrait 23

2013 screen and declaration, 3 minutes materials: video, wood, paper, glass director: Annick Vroom camera : M. Claire Pijman mixing: Alex Booy translation and voice: Michael Blass Our identity is part of a ‘construction’: a person’s position and associated status depends on the recognition of this position. In Skeleton/Self-portrait 23 I declared myself to be … Read More


2015 material coin: brass dimensions: 71 x 21 x 30 cm Coin is part of the Skeleton project.

Grow Box / Self-portrait 39

2014 materials: wood, copper, 3D acrylate print, zip-bags dimensions: 110 x 40 x 45 cm   Grow Box / Self-portrait 39 is part of the Skeleton project.