Body of State

2012 materials: Tarnished bronze, silver 935
 dimensions: variable commission: Belasting & Douane Museum, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Caspar Berger has made the installation Body of State for the stately entrance hall of the Tax and Customs Museum, to mark its reopening after a radical refurbishment. The museum documents the history and significance of the tax system … Read More

Vera Icon / Self-portrait 10

2010 materials: gold 18 carats, linen dimensions: Ø 9 cm / H 4 cm In the year 1500 in Nuremburg, the artist Albrecht Dürer painted a portrait of himself, frontally. His starting point was a famous and frequently reproduced representation of Christ, the Sudarium (sweat-cloth), or Veil of Saint Veronica. According to legend, Veronica offered … Read More

Untitled 1

 materials: bronze, concrete, stainless steelsize: various commission: Rijksgebouwendienst, Cirqada gebouw, Papendorp, Utrecht, The Netherlands