Installation with double ongoing video projection on screen
dimensions: 320x120
duration: 58 min.
direction, camera: Annick Vroom

The fall of man, the departure from a comfortable life under strict rules in the Garden of Eden, can be seen as a conscious step by humanity to demand the capacity to judge between good and evil. Man thus underlines his own divinity. The self-aware human being, now a Creator, will now constantly have to consider his own actions. Will I step forward into the unknown or will I stand still? Will I go left or right, will I say yes or no, is this good or bad?
This freedom comes with responsibility and hence with doubt. It is this doubt that is explored in Should I stay or should I go/Self-portrait 46. The work offers the possibility for regret; to hang the apple back in the tree, as if nothing ever happened. However, there is just one problem: what’s done cannot be undone, and inevitably the question keeps rising: Should I stay or should I go?

Should I Stay Or Should I Go / Self-Portrait 46 is part of the Universe project.