Re: Society: a new art book that celebrates the 40 years of art collecting at ING. Caspar Berger’s Self-portrait 5 is featuring in the theme Individual growth.

Re: Society shows a selection of artworks that ING has collected over the past 40 years. The book explains what ING has meant for and will mean for society in the future, and how art reflects on society. The history and tradition of ING makes for an art collection that is diverse. The works in this publication are presented by theme. This was a conscious choice in order to create a dialogue between works that seem unrelated at first. Although covering different ground, all ten themes have one common denominator: they are drawn from society. They show some of the most important themes that have shaped the world as we know it. This selection shows how artists engage with, react to and reflect on society as they hold a mirror up to the viewer.

The theme texts have been written by Konrad Schiller, curator and PhD candidate at the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

A visual feast of over 130 artworks, with biographies of each featured artist
released by: Frame Publishers