Most recently ‘Nederlandse beeldhouwkunst / Dutch sculpture – een apologie/an apologia’ by Jan Teeuwisse was published.

On monday 17 june 2013 Dr. Jan Teeuwisse took up the endowed professorship of History, Theory an Practice of modern Sculpture at the Arts faculty of Leiden, the Netherlands. During his inaugural lecture in the large Auditorium in Leiden, he revealed his plans for the next five years. The lecture was entitled ‘Dutch Sculpture’, and Dr. Jan Teeuwisse discussed three themes: how can it be that this is only the first chair for sculpture? Secondly: the difficult relationship between the Netherlands and sculpture. Thirdly: Teeuwisse paid tribute to art historians such as Bram Hammacher, Louk Tilanus ans Ype Koopmans.

In both lecture and book Jan Teeuwisse mentioned two works by Caspar Berger: Ego Vivo/Self-portrait 25 and Untitled 5.