Caspar Berger at Anningahof 2022

27 June 2022By Annicknews

This crowning year of Anningahof 2022 will show three works by Caspar Berger. In the large sculpture park in Zwolle, no less than 100 artists show 145 outdoor works and 35 indoor sculptures. The exhibition runs until 30 October 2022. Universe and Skin-works of Caspar Berger at Anningahof 2022 You can admire two works of the Skin … Read More

Anningahof 2021

2 July 2021By Annickexhibitions, news

Inspiration of the presentation The presentation of Self-portrait 7 at Anningahof was inspired by The Calvary sculpture by Dutch sculptor Claus Sluter (circa 1389-1406). This statue carved from boxwood shows the crucifixion of Christ. Flanked by his mother Mary and John the Evangelist, the crucified Christ is depicted. What makes this sculpture particularly inspiring, apart from the refinement of … Read More

Landgoed Anningahof 2020

8 July 2020By Annickexhibitions, news, works

This summer open in Zwolle till October 25th 2020: Landgoed Anningahof. A large Sculpture garden representing more than 60 Dutch Sculptures. 3 works from Caspar. Notice his latest work from the series Universe : Point of View.  We don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we are.

Dutch announcement: Cultuur in actie

25 May 2020By Annickbroadcast media, news

CULTUUR IN ACTIE is een Nederlandse ketendemonstratie waarmee we aandacht vragen voor het belang van de culturele sector. Het is hard nodig dat we onze stem verheffen en opstaan voor onze cultuur. We vertegenwoordigen 3,7% van het Bruto Nationaal Product. Ter vergelijking, de luchtvaartsector als geheel is goed voor 3,2 procent van het BNP. We … Read More

NAKED – The Vulnerable Body in Museum Kranenburgh – 14 October

17 October 2018By Annickexhibitions, news

Last weekend the exposition Naked – The Vulnerable Body was opened in Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen. Guest curator: Thomas Widdershoven, assistent Marie van der Stel. The work: Walking the Dog/Self-portrait 40 is displayed. When entering the second hall, one can already see the work from above. Open until 3 february 2019.